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Care of Your Pottery, Custom Orders and Shipping, Refunds and Exchanges

  • Microwave Use
    Because the clay and firing temperature are compatible you can heat food and beverages in your pottery in the microwave. Don’t overheat though.
  • Washing
    You can wash your pottery in the dishwasher or by hand. To keep your pottery like new wash it by hand and avoid scratching with hard bristled brushes or sharp objects. Wait until the item is fully cooled or thawed before placing it in water of a suitable temperature.
  • Oven Use
    Stoneware can tolerate both cold and hot temperatures but will break if subjected to them too quickly. Don't set a hot piece of stoneware on a hard or cold surface without placing a cloth underneath it for protection. Never place your Fire Garden pottery on a hot burner.
  • Refrigeration
    Before refrigerating food be sure to let the piece cool slowly. In addition, don't heat a stoneware piece directly from the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Storing
    If you stack your pottery you may wish to place something protective between each piece. Shelf liner, the rubber mesh kind, is inexpensive and can be cut to size; larger than the foot of the piece you are stacking. If rims touch, the liner piece should be larger. >>> I sand the foot rings of all my pottery with a diamond sanding pad.
  • General Delivery & Shipping Information
    I ship via USPS or UPS. If you’re local I can deliver within an 8 mile radius of my Canton, Ma. Studio. Delivery begins at $5 and tops out at $10. Or! You can pick up your purchase at my studio. Choose which option works for you during checkout. Most regular purchases ship in 3 to four business days. You should receive your package within 2-4 days from shipping. Shipping on holiday purchases may take longer. I include tracking on most packages. Shipping costs include postage paid plus the cost of the packing materials used to ship your order safely. Recycle and reuse! Items can be sent to a gift address or multiple gift addresses. Let me know if your purchase is a gift when you checkout.
  • Shipping Delays
    Some delays are out of my control. If the delay is on my end, I will contact you and work out arrangements to get back on track. Once an item is shipped, it is out of my hands. If there is a problem, contact me immediately so we can rectify the situation. Your happiness with my pottery and service is my number one priority.
  • Damaged Items
    Please contact me immediately if your pottery has a ‘mystery’ failure. Sometimes flaws get set into the pot during firing or cooling that are not visible to the eye but show up later. I’ll want to know the flaw and circumstances in which it showed up. I’ll usually replace the item at no cost to you. If the damage is from shipping, keep the piece (including packaging) so I can make an insurance claim. I will issue a refund and or replace the item free of charge, including shipping costs.
  • What if I need to exchange or send back an item?
    I can issue a refund or exchange an item if it is unused. Please contact me immediately if you would like to do so.
  • Have a question that is not addressed on this page?
    Please feel free to email me at
  • Can I download a brochure with the care information?
    Yes!! You can download my informational brochure here, so you have it for handy reference.
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