It's been a minute since my last update! Thanks to a few obligations, occurrences and the weather my first firing of 2022 has yet to be scheduled. For those who don't know, the kiln I fire my pots in is outdoors. Here in New England that can be an issue!! Snow, ice and cold all impact ones ability to proceed on that front. Never fear though! The pots are made and bisk fired. The early-ish studio expansion is nearly complete, a small room to the side of my main studio space that now holds my glazes. With a little more work the glazing of pots can begin. I'll be watching the weather for a good window of opportunity in the next couple of weeks.

          Part of the work at this time of year is filling out show applications. Once I hear back from committees etc. I'll start filling in my 2022 Events Calendar.

          Stay Tuned and Best Wishes! Andrea

Happy New Year All! Here's hoping you and yours have a good one.
          Here at the studio I'm getting a head start on 2022 pots. My hope is to fire toward the end of this month. And my hope after that is to get a few new pots posted to my website shop.
          Please let me know if you'd like to be on my email list by sending me a message through my contact form. I don't overdo it on the emails but always remind about the next one or two events and will be adding notices about when I've got new pottery listed for purchase online.
          It was crazy year and I never expected to sell so much! To all who supported,
a Great Big THANK YOU!

          Welcome to FireGardenPottery.com, a work in progress. If you'd like to see my pottery in person check my schedule of events, or come to my studio in Canton, MA, just a half hour south of Boston. Contact me to make an appointment.

          If you are not local and don't see what you are looking for in my Gallery take a look at my Portfolio and my Instagram pages. Then contact me and I can send photos of similar pottery in stock or take a custom order.

         Thanks so much for your interest!                                     Andrea

Platter against brick v2 small.jpg

This bowl was included in the 2021 The State of Clay exhibit, a biannual show at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society,  and is now in a private collection.

Juror: Julia Galloway

Handmade in Canton, Massachusetts